Arizona’s Desire to Eliminate Ethnic Studies Programs: A Time to Take the “Pill” and to Engage Latino Students in Critical Education About Their History

Lupe S.

Why Latina/o? Why Academy?

Paula M. L.

The Latina/o Academy of Arts and Sciences: Decolonizing Knowledge and Society in the Context of Neo- Apartheid

Nelson Maldonado-Torres

Dominicans and the National Latino/a Academy of Arts and Sciences

Ramona Hernández


Gerald Torres

Introduction: Politics of Knowledge-Production: Synecdochic Perils & Opportunities for Latina/os in the Academy

Roberto L.

Fifteen Years of Reconstructing the World

Cesar Cuauhtemoc Garcıa Hernandez & Marc-Tizoc Gonzalez

Comment: The Future of the Equal Educational Opportunities Act § 1703(f) After Horne v. Flores: Using No Child Left Behind Proficiency Levels to Define Appropriate Action Towards Meaningful Educational Opportunity

Jeffrey Mongiello

Translation Services Not Required: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 Does Not Require Special Accommodations for Limited English Proficiency Individuals

Carrie Lynn Flores

Narrative Preferences and Administrative Due Process

Jason A.